WordPress Custom Login Logo image

Adds Custom Login LOGO image
Attached link to file as I could paste the code here

GitHub post

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@jaso Thanks for the contribution.

I moved your post to the correct category for your convenience.

which cat should I have chosen? plus, how do I add code here? Cheerzz

@jaso Code like this belongs inside the “Dev > Custom Dashboard” category - however I believe that we have some stringent roles in place, which may account for you not being able to post code.

If you don’t see this you can’t post code snippets directly:

That shows, but when I added code, then SAVE, gave me an error: Screenshot by Lightshot

What’s the error you get - 403? Yeah that’s crap has been popping up recently. We are trying to figure out why though.

Simply pasting the gist link though should show a preview :slightly_smiling_face:

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