WPSynchro // Configuration between PREPROD and PROD


We are using MainWP to monitor our PREPROD website and our PROD website.
We are synchronizing the PROD website from the PREPROD website with WP Synchro plugin.
The problem is that when we synchronize the configuration from the PREPROD website is replicated into the PROD website so I cannot sync with my PROD Website with MainWP.

How can I manage that?

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Hi @tech_disko

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

Part of the cryptography keys necessary for the Dashboard/Child communication are stored in the database of the child site.
So when you sync the PREPROD site site, in other words, you push a staging site to production, the database of the current production site gets overwritten.

Can you check if WP Syncrho plugin can exclude certain data of a wp_options table? If so, it may be possible to work around this issue.

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