YITH extensions won't update


I have two websites with 2 different extensions from YITH, and every time I need to update them, the updates fails.
I always have to go in the website’s admin to update them.

Are you aware of that ?
Is there anything that can be done ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @wordpressman

Some premium plugins don’t use standard WP Update API to fetch information about available updates, and they can also use non-standard methods of updating their plugins.

In that case, the MainWP Dashboard may not be able to show that there’s an available update for that particular plugin, or it can have issues updating it.

We have a KB that contains steps you can take that may help with compatibility with such plugins:

Thanks Bojan,

Thanks for the resource. I would be able to handle the snippet integration, but I’m really not sure about what is called the “plugin slug”. Could you tell me how to find it ?

Thanks in advance.

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An easy way is to hover your mouse cursor over the Deactivate link, and check the URL in the bottom left of your browser.
In this example, the slug is debug-log-manager/debug-log-manager.php.

Thanks Bojan,

That’s very clear ! :wink:

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Just 1 more question :wink:

The url I get is:

Should I put ?:

Most welcome!

This is the slug, but you can’t use %2. Instead, use this:

Basically, it’s the value value after plugin= and before any following ampersand (& ).

Great, thanks for the tip !

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