Bonjour, J-F from SatelliteWP, based out of Montreal, Canada

Hey everyone!

My name’s Jean-Francois Arseneault and I’m one of the two Co-Founders of SatelliteWP, a pure-play WordPress maintenance business based out of Montreal, Canada.

SatelliteWP was started in 2017, but I’ve owned web agencies since 2010, and I’ve actually been working and consulting on WordPress since 2005 :slight_smile:

I’ve been a volunteer, speaker and co-organizer of WordCamps since 2010 in Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa, and my team is also part of the WP Core Team (#polyglots) for all “Français du Canada” translations for the whole WP ecosystem, as well as Beaver Builder and WP Rocket… yeah, we like to keep busy :slight_smile:

Like most of you, we can help clients of any size, but we specialize in e-commerce, heavily customized and/or multilingual websites, given that we operate in a bilingual market. Given this, we work with enterprise-level accounts and high-visibility ad agencies with very specific deployment and maintenance processes.

Over the years, I’ve tried all the management consoles (plugins, SAAS), I was part of the advisory council for ManageWP (I think my testimonial is still on their homepage!), but we’re now also using MainWP as well as a number of custom-built processes which will be integrated into MainWP which is possible, given its open source nature!

I’ve been diligently opening support tickets to MainWP every time we encounter a bug, so we may improve the platform for all.

I look forward to discussing with y’all, and happy new year to everyone!


Nice to see you here Jean-Francois!

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Hello Jean-Francois, an honour to have you here, among all other MainWP-lovers. :wink:

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Hi Jean-Francois, thanks for joining our community. It’s great to see you here.


I love seeing MainWP being used in new ways and customized for specific uses! :yellow_heart:


Hi Jean-François, I’m also from Montreal.
Nice to meet you!