How to add Oxygen Builder to be detected by MainWP Dashboard when there is an update

I had an issue that Oxygen builder updates were not detected in MainWP Dashboard. After contacting the support, they referred me to this KB: Premium Plugin Updates Not Detected - MainWP Documentation (BTW, got an answer in less than 10 minutes! Bravo MainWP Team!) and I was able to add this script to my custom PHP dashboard section:

// Add detection for custom plugins or undetected
add_filter( 'mainwp_request_update_premium_plugins', 'myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update', 10 );
function myhook_mainwp_detect_premium_plugins_update( $premiums ) {
   $premiums[] = 'oxygen/functions.php';
   return $premiums;

It worked!

So now, I can add other plugins like Pencil…

Thanks, Fred


Thx Frederic (@wpexpert)! :smiley:
You saved me some time today w/ Oxygen! :wink:

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Hi @BrAndy, Happy to help and give back to the community but all merit goes to MainWP Team… :wink:

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