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My MainWP Dashboard URL is in a subfolder. When I add my URL to the extension, it strips out the subfolder. So rather than having https://mydomain.com/secure/ it sets the URL to https://mydomain.com.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @stevenosullivan

Thanks for reporting this to us.

After the subfolder part gets stripped, are you able to continue with the extension, or does it report some kind of an error when you try to save extension settings?

Hi @bojan
Here is what I see.

Hope that helps.

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Why no support for Safari, it one of the major and probably most used browser by Mac users?


Hi there,

I’m getting a warning when setting up the extension that says
“Please enter a valid MainWP Dashboard URL!”

We are using the Dashboard Lock functionality - however, this when turned off does not seem to help. We are using a .network domain for this aspect of our system, and we have noticed with other ‘providers’ that our .network email addresses get blocked by certain systems as they don’t understand it’s a legit domain.

Any ideas here?

Just to clarify, I’ve followed the instructions found at MainWP to ensure that permalinks are set correctly (they have a custom structure) and that everything is up to date. MainWP is at Version

Just installed the browser extension , but no results of updates.

@stevenosullivan Hi, I am getting the same values. Tested in Edge and Firefox, but the same results.

Same for me…this is how it looks for me.

Thanks for the additional information. Because the subdirectory gets stripped, the API requests are being directed to an invalid address.
We will issue a fix for this in the next version of the browser extension.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about Safari support on our feedback site. That way, others can comment and vote for it, and allow us to gauge interest.

We’ve tested the compatibility of Dashboard Lock and the browser extension and didn’t observe any issues.
a) Can you please tell us which browser and operating system you are using?
b) And can you try deleting and re-installing the browser extension and restarting the browser?
c) Do you see any extension-related errors in the browser Console?
d) If you are using a Chromium browser, can you check here if there are any logged errors/warnings?

@DonQuicky and @leo
a) Just to be sure, there are available updates for Plugins/Themes/Core/Translations on the Dashboard but the extension is reporting as there are none?
b) And can you try deleting and re-installing the browser extension and restarting the browser?
c) Do you see any extension-related errors in the browser Console?
d) If you are using a Chromium browser, can you check here if there are any logged errors/warnings?

If the Translation count is infinitely loading, can you check if Show WordPres language updates is enabled in MainWP Dashboard > Settings?


a) yep, I double checked if update are available: still errors like NaN
b} I did uninstall the browser extension both in Edge and Firefox
c) in the console I don’t see any MainWP related issues
d) there are no errors available

Also I have to mention that I use a subdomain for my dashboard that is forwarding to a subfolder. Looking at the notice of @stevenosullivan who is also using a subfolder for his dashboard it seems to be the issue.

So I have to wait for your fix of this issue in the next update of your plugin.

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a) I’m using Mac OS 13.4.1 with Google Chrome v114.0.5735.198
b) deleted / reinstalled - issue remains
c) no issues found in the console
d) no issues found in Extensions Page

HoweverI did notice that I could get to the ‘Dashboard’ in the plugin and when clicking ‘Sync Dashboard Data’ I get a push notification
Screenshot 2566-07-19 at 21.39.43

It’s an incorrect notification, however clicking it takes me to our .network URL dashboard.

Not sure what else to do here - but let me know if there is anything else I can tweak. I’m also new to the forums, so it’s only letting me upload 1 image, but I do have screenshots :slight_smile:

Also just to note I’ve also tried installing this on Firefox & Microsoft Edge, however the same issue persists.


Thanks, @bojan ! Much appreciated.

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Thanks for the update, @awinning .

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

And please refer to this Managers thread by its URL in the ticket.

Hi, I’m using it on firefox, all good but it looks like the extension changes colors in some behaviours of the current site.

Hi @iguannaweb

We haven’t observed this issue in our testing or daily use.

Can you please provide some screenshots and explain in a bit more detail under which circumstances the colors change?

We have installed this on Edge and Chrome, setup the API key and all it does is spin… Any site we try that is in our dashboard produces the same results.

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Hi @mygoto

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

Can you check if Permalinks in the WP settings are set to anything other than Plain? This is a WordPress REST API limitation, and only Plain will not work.

And is the WP installed on a web host or locally?

You can find more information and a step-by-step guide in our help article:

Thanks for the quick reply. Both sites are not set to plain, we tested two now and one is on date and name, the other is on post name.

Both sites are on different cPanel servers in our datacenter in chicago with the MainWP installation on an AWS Lamp instance

Check this video 2023 07 21 a las 18 44 28 - YouTube