MainWP child seems not to work with W3 Total Cache Plugin

When I activate W3 Total Cache plugin on one of my child sites, The mainWP dashboard reveals that the child site is disconnected.
If I deactive W3 Total Cache plugin it is connected again.

I haven’t installed W3 Total Cache on the dashboard site.

What to do?

Hi @justus, have you been able to find which particular setting is causing this problem?

W3 Total Cache has a lot of legacy code bloat. A better option for a free plugin is Cache Enabler which does not cause any issues with MainWP.

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Oke, thank you for the update.
We will test Cache Enabler in combination with MainWP.
Keep you posted.

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Hi Bogdan, I haven’t.
But in the meantime I got the suggestion to use Cache enabler instead, and that seems to work quite well!!


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Cache Enabler is pretty basic but it works very well you can exclude cache by post IDs and by cookeis.

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