W3 Total cache - connection error

Since W3TC is one of the most used and powerful plugin to enable cashing at every level, I wonder if you found the way to solve this major problem.
I don’t want to switch from that to the more basic plugin “Cache enabler”, since it’s more your side workaround than a real solution as stated here : MainWP child seems not to work with W3 Total Cache Plugin

I would really enjoy using MainWP, but making it easier to setup with most used ones (Wordfence firewall issue and this one now) is somehow a must be. Let’s mention that I never had those problems with ManageWP.

Hoping to read your good involvement here.

Hi @tdechangy, I have tried a couple of times to reproduce this problme on our test setups, but I never manged to do it, so I couldn’t find that one specific option that causes the issue and find more details about this problme.

Are you able to run some testing and disable/enable features one by one to see which one acutally causes the issue?

Once we have more details, we can see if there is actually anything that we can do on our side to prevent this.

All I can say for now is that I had to disable the Page cache to make the connexion possible.
Did you set the page cache during your tests ?
Here is the ticket I opened on their end in case it could help in future answers (but not yet) : MainWP compatibility | WordPress.org

Meanwhile, they say that you have only 10k installs = value from WP directory, while the child plugin has 400k! I found this a bit strange too.

Waiting for your replication of this important issue.

They checked the wrong plugin (the Dashboard) and of course there’s a 1 to many relation between the dashboard and the child plugin.


Very interesting to read that a caching plugin prohibitis connection to your MainWP Child.

This is a theory that I have:

W3 Total cache acts as a reverse proxy (sort of) by making static html pages and each request is being re-routing to those files and only to those files.

So this could mean; a call to MainWP child is also being re-routed but it has no way to handle it properly.

The odd part is that you never had this problem with ManageWP. Wich takes me into a direction of some form of bypass rule in .htaccess for ManageWP or within W3 Total cache.

Any specific reasons why you are using the W3 Total Cache plugin?

It has quite a legacy codebase and a number of issues. There are a number of better full page caching and minification plugins.

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What settings are you using in W3 Total Cache plugin are you also using it for object caching (Redis) on the child sites?

About plugin choice :

I appreciate W3 because it includes all necessary caching levels and is quite efficient and well recognised for it. The biggest downside is probably its learning curve, while default settings are generally good enough. Minimisation could be improved so I use Autoptimize for that.
If you have any (free) alternative I am always happy to learn performance tricks, but I never saw any plugin that was that complete and free.

About settings :

Yes, I use caching on every level except database. Only page caching seems to come with this issue. To repeat me slightly, Manage WP doesn’t have this issue, so I guess that you could use an other connection method too. Same goes for the Wordfence, I now I see the Cerber plugin. All well known ones that need some level of extra effort from us.

Hoping you can see for a global fix for all those plugins in one shot.

Have you tried Swift Performance Lite? Many people who were true WP Rocket fans experienced that this free plugin was even better. I’m using the paid version myself to support the plugin author for his good work.

What’s your issue with Wordfence Security? I’m using it without any issues on all ~240 sites I maintain for my clients.

I think you are experiencing issues, that are not related to MainWP or the other plugins, but to your hosting environment or some other rare issue.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried Swift a couple years ago but something crashed my site at that time. Bit I saw it great potential indeed. To be re-tested :slight_smile:

About Wordfence, if you enabled the firewall, then you have to put it in “learning mode” during the initial connection process.
For the details here, Wordfence was only installed on other sites in the same server directory, and some as sub-domain.

For the rest all seems ok, but still this page caching problem is quite annoying and has to be fixed. Changing from plugin to plugin is not a super classy practice while already using most trusted ones.

Again something that can’t be explained. Remember that plugins like these are very sensitive, so never set every setting to the max. Start with basic optimization and try to tweak it as it goes… trial and error.

It might be a good idea to create a copy of your site so you can test extensively, analyze logs, disable other plugins to detect conflicts etc.

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Thanks for your lack of support for one of the most important plugins in the WP repo.

Hopefully W3TC was able to deliver their solution. So when you say that this plugin has number of issues, it’s essentially because caching is often complex, and also why they offer so many (complex, yes) settings.

Their answer has to be found here :

adding the home URL’s to Performance>Page Cache>Aliases

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I’m glad you were able to find the solution to your issue.


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