Non-MainWP Changes issues in 4.3 (final)

A few things have changed since the beta of 4.3 regarding the Mon-MainWP Changes on the overview page.
The issue with the number of items has been fixed, but now the pagination is incomplete. It’s showing 303 items over 31 pages, but the pagination section takes to much space out of the screen and is unreachable.
This happens as well with other dashboard widgets like Monitors.

The default sorting was old to new, while it says “latest changes”, so new to old would be a better default. But it looks like the sorting is remembered, so I don’t think that’s more than a minor issue.

reference to original beta issue: Non-MainWP Changes - sorting and number of items

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Thanks for reporting the pagination issue, @josklever .

We’ve reproduced the issue and passed it along to the development team. It will be fixed in the next release.

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I’ve checked it and the sorting of that list is not remembered and set back to default “old to new”. So that’s something that also needs to be checked.

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