Non MainWP Changes resets listed number back to 5 again

Hi, Since 4.5beta3 the number of changes that’s shown resets to 5 although I’ve always set it to 10.
This is an issue that was already solved once in Non MainWP Changes resets listed number back to 5 and buttons go out of box area

Hi @josklever

I can’t reproduce this on the 4.5 Beta 3. Can you try doing a hard-refresh or clearing the browser cache and see if that helps?

Just confirming, not seeing that here either. Setting to 10 holds on multiple refreshes and login/out.

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I’ve done that multiple times already, but somehow it’s reset to the default value after a while. It’s not after a direct action, but I’ve seen it a couple of times now (daily since beta3 or so?). It’s not every time, so it’s remembered, but reset after a while (or some action?).
If I find more details about steps to reproduce, I’ll let it know, but hopefully the devs can find a function causing this reset in beta3 code.