Non MainWP Changes resets listed number back to 5 and buttons go out of box area

Since MainWP 4.4 the Non MainWP Changes shows only 5 items. I would like to show 10, (just like I had before), but it doesn’t remember the settings after a session. (1)

The pagination buttons below the widget are still using space too far to the right outside the widget box. That’s the same for other widgets as well like Monitors ans SSL Monitor. I’ve reported this before already in the beta phase of 4.x), but I guess it was missed. (2)

Any update on this? It’s not fixed yet with the version of today.

Hi @Jos,

My apologies for the delay on this one.
We will get this ASAP and send you the update so you don’t wait for the next official release.


Hi @Jos, can you please check if this version solves the problem for you:
[download removed]

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Hi Bogdan,

This version makes it worse. It still doesn’t remember the number of items that are shown and the pagination is missing the numbers.

Hi @josklever,

thanks again for your help, I made some additional tweaks in this version:
[Download removed]

Let me know if this works better.
Here is how it looks for me:

Issue (1) seems to be solved. Thanks!
Issue (2) shows numbers again, but such a long list, that it doesn’t fit again. (5-item list for example):

Hi Jos,

Let’s try with this one:

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It’s all good now! Thanks!

The same navigation settings should also be implemented for the other dashboard widgets, but at least now we know what works. :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the help and your valuable input. We will include this change in the next release


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