Quick Site Shortcuts Sidebar gives error in console

I’ve just updated to MainWP 4.1 (dashboard and client). When I open the Quick Site Shortcuts sidebar, the following errors is shown in the browser console:

semantic.min.js:11 Sidebar: Had to add pusher element. For optimal performance make sure body content is inside a pusher element

and (with the code that’s affected)

semantic.min.js:11 Sidebar: Had to move sidebar. For optimal performance make sure sidebar and pusher are direct children of your body tag 

I’ve got 230+ client sites at them moment, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant for this issue.

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Hi Jos, thanks for reporting this. This error comes from the Semantic UI library because the sidebar element is not used as suggested, but there are no functionality problems. You can simply ignore this.

I haven’t noticed an issue yet, but still it should throw errors, so I hope you can let the devs have a look and fix it (not on high priority of course).

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Yes, of course.

Ticket is already opened with them.

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the problem has been fixed in version 4.1.1

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