Quick Site Shortcuts Sidebar is empty, since recent update

Since yesterday or even today the quick site shortcuts bar is empty, even after clearing my cache. Can you please check it?

And after clicking the Help button, I get the error I reported before in

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I too replicate this, I haven’t done anything other than yesterdays update and now the links are missing.

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And please add this code from @uamv in the same update.


I have the same issue as @josklever reported. I was thinking that is was our setup but I saw the FB post and confirm the same issue. @dennis, can we have a quick fix? Thanks

Hi all, we fixed the problem and the update will be released soon. In the meantime, you can use this pre-release version.

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Hi @bogdan, I’ve received that link late last night from @uamv and it solves the Quick Site Shortcuts, but not the browser console error caused by the Help sidebar (same issue as earlier with the quick site shortcuts) and the code snipper for the correct focus should also be implemented easily, so hopefully you can add that to the list as well. :slight_smile:

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