Updraft shows backed up in MainWP but actually didn't finish

I have the Updraft status listed on my Manage Sites screen. It would think this would be the last successful backup, but it’s not. It’s the last time Updraft tried to back the site up. In this case, the backup didn’t work. I’d love to see that reflected in MainWP.

I scan the backups under Manage Sites every week to make sure all the backups are working properly (per this thread).

Hi @renemorozowich

Can you please check the logs and see why did that backup attempt fail?

And please let us know what’s the version of the MainWP UpdraftPlus extension on the Dashboard and the UpdraftPlus plugin on the child site.

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The logs are long, but the main error seemed to be this:

PHP Fatal error (TypeError) has occurred during backup uploads to the dropbox. Error Message: strpos(): Argument #1 ($haystack) must be of type string, array given (Code: 0, line 212 in /home/USER/WEBSITEURL/wp-content/plugins/updraftplus/includes/Dropbox2/API.php)

It seems to be that the error is with Dropbox, but this was on the one day of the week when the site tries to upload to both Dropbox and Google Drive.

I’m running of Updraft which I think is the latest. And 4.0.8 of the Updraft Extension on my MainWP dashboard, which I also think is the latest.

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Thanks for the additional details.

MainWP Dashboard considers such backup jobs as completed, likely because the local backup files were indeed created, and only the upload to remote storage failed.

We will look into improving the labeling of such backup jobs in the future release of the UpdraftPlus extension, and possibly label them as (Not Finished) as they are labeled in the UpdraftPlus plugin.

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That would be amazing. Thank you!

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