WPVivid Extension and Pro Reports Issue

I run monthly maintenance reports using Pro Reports extension and notice for the last month the WPVivid extension only reported backups happening up to April 6 when in reality they happen either weekly or daily. I have confirmed the backups actually do exist and are successful.

WPvivid always reported things correctly before through Pro Reports.

I also updated the WPVivid extension plugin about a week ago with the new version so I am not sure if that is part of the issue or not (can’t see why since some early backups are reported this month).

I also checked the WPVivid extension settings via MainWP and also notice that for some reason I had to re-enter my Father API license key so all the child sites would display again. After doing this I previewed the Pro Reports again and the issue wasn’t fixed.

Is anyone else having an issue with WPVivid not reporting the backups properly in Pro Reports?

I plan on talking with WPVivid support about it but just wanted to see if anyone else was having the problem or it is just my setup.


Hi @eSIlverStrike

I’ve moved the topic from Support to WordPress Discussion category since we do not provide support for third-party extensions.

To answer your question - I have seen reports of WPVivid backups not showing in Pro Reports, and to the best of my knowledge, WPVivid has promised to fix those issues.

Okay thanks for the update. Were these reports recent? I did a search and didn’t see anything but maybe I missed people reporting the problem.

As I said before before April things were working fine.

Anyways I will open a request with WPVivid. Thanks

At least one report was recent, however, it was made via our ticketing system.

You’re welcome.

The only thing I think changed around that time is that MainWP 4.2 was released (I couldn’t find the exact date that I updated MainWP) but the reports stopped showing backups after April 6. I guess this also could be a MainWP Client plugin issue as well… I wonder when that was updated.

This is an extremely important part of the reports. This shows the client that their website is being backed up and when. It is one of the things they look for.

Did anything in MainWP, MainWP Client plugin, or Pro Reports change recently that would cause backups not to be reported properly?

I have a ticked with WPVivid and they say nothing changed on their end. I am trying to get them to look into the issue further.

I have the same issue and also have a ticket with WPVivid.

Good to hear. The more people that report it, the faster they will work on the issue.

WPVivid did tell me they will look into this problem and plan on adding other enhancements (I hope like getting the backup to work through MainWP when updating plugins). I got the sense that it may take some time.

I also noticed that even though scheduled backups were running daily in my site overview the last backup date was April 6th for all of them.
I managed to solve this by going to each site and run a manual backup.
After this, correct backup dates appeared in the site overview after a sync. Since then it seems to be working again for scheduled backups
I suppose this will have the same effect in de Pro Reports.


So after further investigation the backup report issues did start to happen after updating **MainWP Child 4.2 – 4-5-2022. I did update MainWP dashboard on the same day so this could also be part of the problem. The Pro Reports and the MainWP WPvivid Extension was working together fine before this.

Now maybe the WPvivid extension is still part of the problem but things where fine before MainWP 4.2. Maybe the MainWP team can look into this further as well since it was an update on there end that the problem did appear?

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Thank you for reporting this finding. I’ll forward it to the development team for further investigation.

Same problem here (with Pro reports)

FYI I notice this issue hasn’t been fixed yet (so this is a nudge :wink:). My Pro Reports sent out the monthly reports and backups are still missing.

Same issue here. No backups showing

Hey all,

We do believe that the issue is caused by the extension itself. In this case, the WPVivid team is the author and provider of support for it.

WPVivid has addressed the issue and has promised to fix it.

However, @eSIlverStrike has reported that the issue has started with MainWP 4.2, so there’s a possibility that a problem was introduced at that point. The development team will investigate that possibility, and I will update this topic when I have more information.

Thanks for the update and checking with WPVivid to get it addressed.

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